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History of Petra Jordan - english

Petra is a historic town and also tread arkaeologi located in Ma'an , Jordan government area . The distance from Amman airport is about 4 hours away by climbing terrestrial vehicles .Petra is believed to be developed as a royal capital Nabatene art stone cutting results at the 6th period . The name Petra , or the Al - Batra in Arabic , was taken instead of the Greek words that mean to rock . Nabatene is an ancient kingdom in Jorban where most of the inhabitants are traders and shaded by royal Rom .Petra has been selected as the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007 and Tread UNESCO World Heritage since 1985 . Petra was also chosen by the British Broadcasting Corporation ( BBC ) as one instead of " 40 places you must see before you die " .

Petra town surrounded by mountain - range of mountains is very beautiful . The highest mountain in the city of Petra is Mount Aaron ( Jabal Harun ) or Mount Hor recognized as well . The mountain is about 1.4 kilometers mencecah altitude above sea level .
Impressions ruins of ancient city of Petra

Many believe bahawa atop Jabal Harun AS that the Prophet Aaron died and was buried by the Prophet Moses . Prophet Muhammad was said to have visited the mountain with the father of his brother , Abu Talib when they are in the trade journey to Sham ( Syria ) .

The Arabs also believe bahawa Petra is where Prophet Musa hitting rock with his rod so terpancur water out than the stone . The water flow has gradually resulted in a valley called Wadi Musa .

In the 14th century Masihi , a mosque was woken in place with white dome which should be seen rather than serata Petra region . It is said , the Prophet Aaron arrived in the area when accompanying the Prophet Moses who brought his people out of Egypt after being chased by King Pharaoh the oppressor .

History of Petra was mentioned in the hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari . The Hadith does not explain in detail the Petra City . However, mentioned bahawa ancient Arabs called Anbath Ash- Sham . According to the book of Al - Qamus al - Islami , City of Petra is the legacy of Anbath AsySyam city , the ancient Arabs who lived in the Sinai Peninsula and Aaron .

A while ago , the city of Petra was once a major trade center of the caliphs who travel between Egypt , the Arabian Peninsula , and Sham . In the early days of Islam , according to Dr. Abu Khalil Syauqi Athlas al -Hadith in al - Nabawi , there are a few relics of the nation Anbath who have encountered mixed with other nations in the region .

" Civilization Anbath nation has kind of calligraphy called Khath Nabthi , " said Dr. Syauqi . Lost
 city of Petra beginning of human civilization for 500 years , since the end of the Crusades in the 12th century Masihi . This lost city of Petra which was originally found by Peneroka of the West , Johann Ludwig Burckhardt in 1812 .